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Vorzelte-Profis based in Hanau, the birthplace of the well-known Grimm Brothers, is standing for know-how and passion in the awning and camping industry for more than 10 years. Reliable service and honest consultation, the passion for camping and nature makes Vorzelte-Profis a competent partner. For everything regarding awnings and camping, you are at the right online shop. The staff is available with advice and assistance at any time. Vorzelte-Profis have access to a modern online store, which ensures responsive design on all mobile devices for an exciting and easy shopping experience. Many well-known and reputable payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards are available and a financing option for Germany based costumers leaves nothing to be desired in order to fulfil your dream to own the appropriate camping tents. You will find the leading brands of Dorema, WIGO, Outchair and Inaca online at our website.

Camping season 2023 - new awnings and numerous innovations

We will not miss any opportunity to take a look at the numerous novelties at the many camping fairs and will inspect them for you. We are constantly trying to be up to date on awnings and air awnings. A  special highlight for 2022 was the 1st fully inflated awning with a depth of 280 cm „Dorema Luxor Air 280 All Season“, and „Horizon Air De Luxe All Season“. You find awnings by Dorema, Walker, Wigo, Outdoor Revolution and Inaca and Campooz Canopies on our online shop at Vorzelte-Profis.

Also, the camping season 2023 will fill you with enthusiasm with many discounts for awnings in the categories motorhome awnings and 4 seasons TenCate awnings. The modern air-filled awnings with the Easy Air Frame (EAF) receive more and more popularity. What was unthinkable a few years ago, is reality today. Awnings set up without any stress, hassle and the long search of the frames. The professional campers know exactly what we are talking about! Whether the weight of the frames, the size of tubes and the duration of the build-up. All this is now history, with a suitable double action pump or a Bravo Air Pumps for Inflatables that makes the awning construction a pleasant event.

Each new camping season requires a certain amount of preparation. First of all, the caravan or Motorhome Annexes needs to be checked. After a long winter with lots of snow, unforeseen shortcomings can occur. Tires are flat or humidity has entered. Remember to check the awnings before heading out to the camping grounds. There is a variety of problems that can arise after a few months of service or packed in the basement or garage under not ideal conditions.

For example, a snow fracture may have occurred on a 4-season tent or a seam broke on a motorhome awning. Of course, it can be easily repaired by a saddler or a qualified awning dealer. After that, however, attention should be paid to make everything properly waterproof on your awning. Also, you should build up your inflatable Air Awnings once and inflate it to check whether a small leak has crept in during the long storage period or if the valves are still functional. The Lightweight Awnings are quickly checked, the Sun Canopies, too. Also check the tent's skin for any cracks and repair them with the miracle Tear Aid repair set.

Which camper is not looking forward to the new season in the great outdoors in Europe where you can enjoy your free time and your holiday to the fullest. Barbecues, relax and explore the surroundings of the holiday home by bike. In the evening with 1 or 2 bottles of beer or wine to enjoy the sunset this is the perfect camping holiday as man or woman or the whole family imagines it.

Vorzelte-Profis - this is where your holiday begins 

Review Camping and Caravan Fairs 2019/22

From the CMT - The Holiday Fair Stuttgart to - Touristik & Caravaning Leipzig

At Dorema's trade fair stands, the winners of the show are the new air tub tents: „Maribor Air All Season“, „Horizon Air All Season“, „Dorema Traveller Modular“ and „Traveller XL“ (for high-performance motorhomes), „Air Magnum“ and „Luxor Air 2780“. Do not forget the Dorema „Magnum Air Force 2019“ in 260 & 390 with its spacious AddEx  or Annex  left and right. The highlight among the tube awnings this year is the „Inaca Stella“ awning with the glas fibre poles and don‘t forget the Dorema Ibiza in both 240 cm width and the Ibiza XL270 De Luxe version. The Walker Concept awning comes with the choice of 2 sizes (240 / 280).

The demand for full air awnings like „Horizon Air“ & „Maribor Air AS“ is growing rapidly not to forget the air awnings from Outdoor Revolution. This is something all the camping enthusiasts can agree on. Enormous time savings and a sturdiness even at wind forces up to 12. The awning „Maribor Air“ has proven itself during the german storm "Sebastian". The full air awnings survived wind forces of 6 - 8 on the „Hamburg Caravantage“, numerous storms with wind strength up to 12 have been successfully survived by these awnings in Texel (NL), Croatia, Sylt (DE), Spain and so on.

The „Maribor Air All Season“ was the first full air tent ever. Now, Dorema has even added something new with the luxury „Horizon Air All Season De Luxe“. Both were inflated several times a day at the camping fairs set up show. With every inflation numerous visitors of the fair were interested in the easy set up. Experienced campers are used to working with poles & frames just in a full tent and spend valuable holiday time with the construction and pitch of the awning. By the way, the „Maribor Air / Daytona Air“ & „Horizon Air“ was patented by Dorema at the German Patent Office. And both full awnings are also the only awnings available with a orbital dimension of 775 cm to 1200 cm fully pumped with air. Of course you can buy the „Luxor Air 280 All Season“ online at VORZELTE-PROFIS. Like every year, we are at many trade camping fairs 2021 to advise and help our numerous customers.

The Inaca Atmosphere air awning is now also available for motorhomes up to 315 cm height. Here, for the first time, the inflatable awning can be placed directly on the Roll-out caravan awnings / canopies  piping rail. The air frames do not press on the awning aluminum frames !!! Our impression: The perfect inflatable camping air tent for high motorhomes. The „Inaca Atmosphere“ is available in 3 sizes for an canopy height of 235 -315cm. A world premiere is the Inaca Dynamic Canopy a awning which fits every canopys like Fiamma, Thulse, Prostor or Dometic. Even Wall and Roof mounted canopies are no problem.

You can find us on the following internationally camping fairs in 2023:

Caravan Salon Düsseldorf  25.08 - 03.09.2023 (Dorema, Outdoor Revolution)

Caravan Salon Austria 18.10 - 22.10. 2023 (Dorema, Inaca, Outdoor Revolution)

Reise + Camping Essen 22.02 - 26.02.2023 (Inaca, Outdoor Revolution)

Look forward to numerous novelties for air tents & air awnings at the upcoming Camping expos!

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